Breast Plastic Surgery Procedures New York City

Advances in breast surgery techniques and implants now afford women many more choices than were previously available to them—even just a few years ago. Dr. Cangello’s experience in all types of breast surgery allows his patients to enjoy greater self esteem and decreased risks for common health concerns.

Care and Expertise 

When working with Dr. Cangello, a thorough evaluation will be conducted to derive the optimal procedures and techniques appropriate for you. You will receive expert, customized care in absolute privacy, and a step-by-step plan will be created to help you quickly achieve the flattering results you desire, and deserve.

Subtle Refinements for Enhanced Beauty

Here are some of the procedures the doctor provides. We will work with you to determine which approach is best for you, weighing medical and health conditions, and insuring that your expectations are achievable. The information below is general information we’ve provided to help you understand your options, and it is by no means exhaustive. There are many options available to you. As our patient, we will explore all options with you and, in the process, provide you with more specific, detailed information and strategies as we thoroughly evaluate your unique situation and create the best approach for you.



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